Horse artificial insemination station

Our horse artificial insemination station has been operating since 1996. In addition to broodmares, artificial insemination also offers the opportunity to inseminate mares from private horse breeders.

Inseminations can be carried out locally, on mares brought to the artificial insemination station and boarded there, or the semen can be ordered and the insemination can be carried out at the mare's place of keeping. The insemination fee includes insemination in two additional cycles - as needed (2-4 times) per cycle - in the case of a relapse within the hedging season.

Boarding fee for mares to be inseminated is HUF 5,000+VAT/day. In addition to box care and pasture use, our service is complemented by regular veterinary supervision and expert advice. After one month of boarding, a single ultrasound examination is free of charge.

More information can be requested at the following phone numbers:

  • State Stud Farm Szilvásvárad: 36/564-400
  • Tamás Mikó: 30/ 742-8923

Prices are gross prices. We reserve the right to change the prices published on the pages of!

You can find a list of the breeding stallions currently available at the station here:

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